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Old School PT Training Arrows: Bigger or Better by Mark Hatmaker

  [This offering can be consumed independently BUT, it is best read as a companion to the blog/podcast titled Three Old School Principles You MUST Have to Un-Stick Your PT . Surface understanding serves no good purpose.]   “ Don’t be tempted to mistake a good physical fitness score for tactical superiority.” — Owen West, 1 st Battalion, 1 st Marines, Sharkman Six Let’s talk Training Arrows . Training Arrows are an overall “True North” that is meant to correspond to an athlete’s comprehensive fitness/conditioning/skills goals. Training Arrows will differ according to the athlete’s desired end.   The “True North” for an Old-School Six-Day Bicycle Racer or modern Tour de France hopeful will differ from that of a leather helmet days gridiron athlete of yore as it will differ for the modern-day Peltzman Effected scientifically engineered helmeted modern football player. Training Arrows are less about the specific “How” than they are about the gestalt of the “Why.” It is, again
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Three Old School Principles You MUST Have to Un-Stick Your PT by Mark Hatmaker

  Old School Warrior Wisdom, be it striking, grappling, or training for warriorship has more than a few nuggets that can, and to my way of thinking, should be used today.   These old nuggets can take the form of the specific application [the tactical] as in “ Fire this elbow this way ” or “ Pull-ups? Nah, not like that, like this.”   Or the nuggets can take the form of an overall schema or approach [the strategic] as in, “ A southpaw fighter will drift opposite what your mirrorwork tells you, skip the mirror when fighting one is on the schedule ” or “ Sequencing is King ”-- training, say arms before back, will kybosh gains in both realms and does not make full use of Hebb’s Rule.   Today’s sojourn deals with the tactical in the physical training realm. We will touch on three principles of overall PT Program construction without going into a specific PT Program itself. I and many of the Black Box Brotherhood use The Unleaded Conditioning protocol which is a synergistic mix