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Tailored Tactics: Combat Mathematics by Mark Hatmaker

The art of war is no more than the art of augmenting the chances which are in our favor.”-Napoleon

All thinking combat tacticians, whether sportsman or reality-arena focused, know and respect the realities of estimable mathematics. That is, the easy disparities or lack of when it comes to adversarial comparisons.

For example, “He is much bigger than I, and likely stronger or at least possessing of more mass so I will adjust thusly.”

Or, “My reach in comparison with the long-armed fellow before me is a bit on the lean side so I would be wise to shift tactics.”

In the street we estimate numbers in the following broad categories…

One-Number of Potential Foes

Two-Size of Potential Foes Relative to our own Size.

Three-If a weapon is involved, we make on-the-spot calculations of range efficiencies. Blades are a threat at this distance, cudgels at this, firearms here and so on.

In the realm of sports combat weight classes have already provided a level of wise separation to provide more entertaining…
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Vacuum Tactics by Mark Hatmaker

Before we pick apart the titled idea to see if it holds merit, let’s define terms.

Vacuum Tactics are any combat sport or street application that requires isolation or handicapped drilling to develop full facility.

Example 1: If one really wants to step up a boxing game one might forgo kickboxing training for a bit so that the hands become the focus.

Example 2: If one really wants to build a facile guard-passing game one may ban leg-locks as the “easy out” until we see the guard-passing rise to the desired level of leg-lockless facility.

On the surface such compartmentalized training seems to hold intellectual water but..

Let’s drill down past this first trickle of thought-water and see if there is truly a sustaining aquifer below.

Opportunity Costs

Opportunity costs is a concept borrowed from economics that simply means, for every purchase we make, each individual “Yes” decision automatically say “No, thank you” to everything else we could have purchased with the same amount of money.

This i…

A PT Grinder for My Rough ‘n’ Ready Hombres by Mark Hatmaker

The Michigan Assassin’s Unlucky Meeting w/ Mr. Royal Burpee

Belly up to the bar my stalwart ones, today’s challenge is a combination of a hypothetical meeting between Stanley “The Michigan Assassin” Ketchel and Royal H. Burpee, the man purported to have contributed to the world the compact evil that bears his name.

Mr. Ketchel [as we have documented elsewhere] used to throw boulders to build wind and explosive punching power. Seems to have worked for him. So, who are we to argue with old school true?

The Gear

·50-lb slam ball, rock, cinder block, or some other heft worthy stand-in.
·Space to fling and break stuff.

The Protocol

·Drop and hit 13 of Mr. Royal’s invention.
·Then pick up your “boulder” and hurl it for all your worth.
·Trot to it and do it again for a total of 13 reps.
·Then hit your Royals again for 12 reps.
·And so on and so forth down to a single repetition of each.

The Goal

·A sub-seven-minute time.
·If you come in over 7-minutes, no worries, you did the work and I’ll love you an…

An Old-School Ass-Whuppin’ Self-Quarantined Roundelay for My Rough ‘n’ Tumblers by Mark Hatmaker

[All based on RAWs 210 & 209.]

All are 3-Minute Rounds w/ 30-seconds Rest

Round One-Cross. Keep it live, move. Put some stink on it, test that bag’s warranty.

Round Two-With partner or without, toss that cross and envision a counter liver-hook or head-hunt on the high-line, so cross and roll with a bread-basket cover, keep those shoulders high—no sure things in the world.

Round Three-Cross, Roll, toss another Cross out of the Roll

Round Four-Add a rear bark as the cherry on top. Play this one on the drag bag as the true bark is unforgiving to tibias the world over.

Rest 1 Minute

Round One-On your feet slap and catch and drag to an outside two-on-one. Work both sides like a good wrassler. Head in the pocket, Crew, or I will tsk-tsk you to kingdom come.

Round Two-Off of a resisted two-on-one slide as smooth as a viper into an Underhook ride. Again, where is that head supposed to be? That’s right.

Round Three-Once you’ve got that Underhook, see that near-leg? I thought so. Now Cuban Drop it a…