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A Conversation with Scott Carney, Author of What Doesn't Kill Us by Mark Hatmaker

Scott Carney, author of the provocatively titled What Doesn’t Kill Us: How Freezing Water,Extreme Altitude, and Environmental Conditioning Will Renew Our LostEvolutionary Strength was kind enough to have a lengthy conversation regarding aspects of his book and his thoughts on similar subjects since publication.
I read Scott’s book upon publication over a year ago and I’ll admit I was initially leery. Was this going to be yet another “Train like this to be a bullet-proof superman!” tome with over-reaching claims?
Refreshingly, no.
Scott, himself is a skeptic as is borne one of his previous works The Enlightenment Trap [aka A Death on Diamond Mountain] where he ably dissects a bit of tragic charlatanry. The skeptical credentials brought me to the book, and the personal immersion admirably kept me there. It is one thing to sit and snipe from the sidelines, but Scott placed himself in the situations he was examining, reporting on, where he could get his first-hand subjective responses.
The p…
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A Lesson in Shadow Warfare by Mark Hatmaker

The evocative painting “Ambush” by the excellent artist Dan Nance conjures images of the French and Indian War[s], the Revolutionary War, Roger’s Rangers, Simon Girty, James Fenimore Cooper novels, and Mel Gibson at his vengeful best in The Patriot.
The dramatic incident portrayed in the painting is romanticized but myriad such skirmishes did indeed occur, are well-documented and the ingenuity, and let’s face it, brutality are front and center of these accounts.
Let’s use Nance’s painting as a jumping off point regarding an aspect of American Indian skulking warfare, and like tactics adopted by white settlers who adopted “savage” ways.
First, the talented Mr. Nance portrays our ambushing warrior attacking from high and above with tomahawk in hand. This aspect of the painting hews close to many accounts of “from above” ambushes.
What does not hold true is the direction of the attack.
First, let’s absolve the artist-Mr. Nance is displaying creative license in his use of lighting. But we u…

"Hypnotized by Peace" & Hindsight by Mark Hatmaker

All right, Friends, for today’s sermon let’s have a look at a dire day in American history, shine a light on an American hero, briefly touch on school-shootings, and ask ourselves a few questions of perspective.
Let’ start with Lieutenant William W. Outerbridge.
Do you know the name?
I’ll be surprised if you do, but it’s a damn shame more of us don’t know the man’s name or his deeds or what they can teach us about walking the readiness talk.
December 7th, 1941, a day that will live in infamy. The day the Japanese Navy launched the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
3:42 AM, the small minesweeper, the Condor, is patrolling just outside the submarine net off of Pearl Harbor. The Condor picks up an unusual wave that could possibly signal an unreported submarine in an undesignated area.
The watch-officer awakes the Condor’s skipper, Lt. Outerbridge. This was Outerbridge’ s first night, of his first patrol, of his first command.
The Condor moves to high alert to watch for more signs. As pe…

A Conversation with Neil Melanson by Mark Hatmaker

Here is a chat I had with a good man with a good mind, Neil Melanson. If you are unfamiliar with Neil’s exemplary work he has coached at Xtreme Couture, Alliance MMA, and a HC with the Blackzilians. He is now at gym Genesis Training Academy and Coach of the Filthy Few MMA team.
-DVDs out are: Head Hunter, Catchwrestling, and Ground Marshal guard basics 
-book Mastering Triangle Chokes
-black belt under Karo Parisyan in the Hayastan Grappling System 
First things first, Brother Neil, thanks for taking the time to have this chat.
Allow me to get another thing out of the way, your book Mastering Triangle Chokes, top-notch. This is high-speed, low-drag stuff all the way. Often there is chaff to be culled through, but you have a linear approach that appeals to the pragmatic streak in me. Excellent work.
Thanks a lot man.  You are a real articulate and detailed coach so that means a lot coming from you.
Your approach to grappling appeals to my expansive tastes. Often, we see tribal separation of B…

Facebook Likes, Bathyspheres, & Borrowed Bucket Lists by Mark Hatmaker

Several studies have shown overall decreased participation in team sports, civic activities, club memberships, and other like participatory activities. [Keep in mind these are overall trends/numbers, not everyone is opting out—raw numbers in bulk are doing less, we must not mistake the images of doers as the mean.]

Some studies are also showing that [aside from the depressive effect of increasing screen times] we are seeing the lessening of cognitive load/ambition via “vicarious experience.” That is to say, some self-report that watching videos or reading posts of people doing certain activities gives them a similar experience to doing the activity.
You read that correctly. Viewing is the same as doing.
That statement is absurd on its face. Watching porn is not making love and viewing MMA is not getting punched in the face, etc. The man atop the mountain is in no shape, form or fashion US. That experience belongs to the man who climbed the mountain and he alone.

The cognitive load/tension…

Wearing the Morning Star, a Review & The Warrior Acculturation Program by Mark Hatmaker

Not enough
Never enough of her.

That one dancing there dancing
Never enough
Of the smell of her body
To me
Never enough
I cannot live without her breath.”

Here’s something a little different, an anthology of Native American Song Poems edited by Brian Swann.Mr. Swann has culled through the anthropological record to provide this mix of staggering beauty, unadulterated humanity [including the finest love-poem I’ve ever read], and open-faced bawdiness.
Within you will find women singing of vaginas as large as canoes with clitorises as large as men-and these are compliments. The anthropologist’s notes showed that these were sung by old and young women alike with no sense of it being indecent or untoward—just as we sing about the “Old Rugged Cross” with a dying man on it and it does not strike us as grisly.
I will admit there are several in here that have such an otherworldly reference system I don’t know what to make of them [yet], but overall this is a gorgeous glimpse into an alter…

Mass Shootings, Constitutional Change & "*ick Pics" by Mark Hatmaker

In the wake of evil acts we are left to grasp at solutions.
That’s a good thing. We all want to reduce malignancy in the world.
Many of our solutions turn to arguments, assertions, and aspersions on both sides because we often start our arguments in pre-existing camps where our tent-pegs of opinion are driven into concrete instead of soft ground where they can be moved if/when confronted with a compelling bit of new information.
Today let’s offer not a solution, but perhaps a deterrent. I say only perhaps, as I have no idea how to truly get inside the mind of evil scum nor do I have a desire to do so.
The deterrent I offer may be distasteful to some, trivial to others, and it has zero guarantee of success but…if you’ve got the time hear me out.
I offer the following ideas with zero expectation for anyone to take them seriously as one…
My idea calls for a change in the Constitution which is anathema to approximately half of the United States.
Me? I’ve got no problem with changing the Constit…